The Repair Process

What happens when you receive my hoverboard?

Once your swegway has arrived at our facility in Edinburgh, initial checks are carried out to determine the extent of the damage and investigate the repairs required. You will then be contacted with a detailed and full report, normally within 24 hours, outlining exactly what areas need attention. Following your instructions, we will then carry out the repairs within the agreed timeframe. Once the repairs are complete, the hoverboard will be sent via super quick ‘Next Day Delivery’ courier.

As easy as:

  • Examine the swegway
  • Send you a detailed report outlining repairs
  • Fix your swegway
  • Send it back to you via ‘Next Day Delivery’
  • You are back HoverGliding!

To get you HoverGliding as quickly as possible, we stock all parts. If for some reason, the part you need is not available it will be immediately ordered from our factory.


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at