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Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2017

Hoverboard Swegway Black Friday Sale Banner

Our Black Friday Deals are now live! Shop now! Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer Deals – Hoverboard & Swegways It’s nearly here. The event everyone has been looking forward to the whole year! Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Are you excited? We really really are! The monumental event that promises savings for shoppers every single […]

Lower Prices. Same incredible quality.

We’ve recently introduced rock bottom prices so that you can enjoy the same awesome hoverboard swegways at lower prices. Worried about quality? Don’t be. These are still the same incredible, exquisitely made hoverboards that we have always been selling.   Why the lower prices? We are constantly monitoring the hoverboard market and as prices drop […]

Affordable Hoverboard Segways

Affordable, high quality hoverboard swegways We all love a good bargain right? But should this mean you are compromising in quality? We don’t think so. At HoverGlide you will always receive the highest quality items at affordable and competitive prices. We promise to be the cheapest on the market for hoverboards, segway boards and swegways. […]


Segway Segways are often confused with swegways and hoverboards. Although similar in principle, swegways are not manufactured by segway and we have no affiliation with Segway Inc. All of our products are independently manufactured and have undergone the required safety standards for sale in the U.K.