Moving and Changing Direction

How to Move and Change Direction

Standing Still

Keep both of your feet leveled to balance without moving backwards or forwards. Stand naturally and keep your arms relaxed by your side. The more you practise the easier this will become.


Moving Forward

Tilt both your feet forward gradually. Tilting too much will cause you to accelerate forward and possibly lose control. Ensure that both feet tilt forward equally otherwise the board may start to turn in one direction.


Slowing Down/Stopping

Tilt both of your feet gradually backwards, putting pressure through your heels. If you push further with your heels, you will start to reverse.

Remember: Movement is controlled by the tilting of your feet, not by leaning forwards or backwards with your body. By shifting your body weight, you may fall off.



With both feet tilting slightly forward, increase the tilt on one foot slightly. To turn left, increase the tilt on the right foot and vice versa. To rotate on the spot, keep one foot in the leveled position or slightly tilted backwards whilst tilting the other foot slightly forward.

Remember: Only tilt your foot slightly so that you do not build up too much speed whilst rotating/turning.