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Stepping Off

Getting off the HoverGlide Tilt both feet backwards gradually until the board becomes motionless. Step backwards off the board, one foot at a time. Do not step forwards as this may cause the board to follow you. Turn off the power button and store the HoverGlide safely.

Moving and Changing Direction

How to Move and Change Direction Standing Still Keep both of your feet leveled to balance without moving backwards or forwards. Stand naturally and keep your arms relaxed by your side. The more you practise the easier this will become.   Moving Forward Tilt both your feet forward gradually. Tilting too much will cause you […]

Getting Started

Getting Started Start with the HoverGlide leveled (lights facing forwards). Push the power button and the green status light will come on. No green light? Make sure the HoverGlide is leveled. Stand behind the HoverGlide, place one foot onto the foot sensor (closer to wheel than centre). Keep the foot sensor in a level position. […]

Charging Your hoverboard

How to Charge your Hoverboard HoverGlide boards come with a built in lithium ion battery pack.   Charging Ensure the mains switch is off. Insert the plug head into the socket. Turn the mains switch on. Connect the charger to the charging port on the HoverGlide. The light on the charger will turn red.   […]


Recalibration If you find you are having to place your feet in awkward positions to keep the board balanced. Or you get a red light once you step on the HoverGlide, it may be time to recalibrate the sensors. This is super easy, here is the procedure: Fully charge the Hoverglide. Turn the board off. […]