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Lower Prices. Same incredible quality.

We’ve recently introduced rock bottom prices so that you can enjoy the same awesome hoverboard swegways at lower prices. Worried about quality? Don’t be. These are still the same incredible, exquisitely made hoverboards that we have always been selling.   Why the lower prices? We are constantly monitoring the hoverboard market and as prices drop […]

New Range of Hoverboard Swegways


Have you noticed that we have introduced more cool products to our already ginormous range of hoverboard swegways? Recently, we launched the Pioneer Chrome swegway hoverboards. These pack the familiar design of the 6.5″ inch wheels seen in our Pioneer Classic but come in revolutionary shades. Available in five different colours – pink, blue, green, […]

The Home of Hoverboards and Swegways Has Changed


It was time for a makeover, new website, new products, new offers. Looking for the latest hoverboard and swegway deal? Well you’ve come to the right place! Introducing the latest range of hoverboards, the Pioneer Chrome. The incredible classic hoverboard now with a shade of chrome surrounding the body work. Beautiful. 5 different shades make […]

HoverKart, Hover Cart, HoverGoKart or is it Hover seat?

HoverKart, Hover Cart, HoverGoKart or is it Hover seat? HoverGlide

Remember when swegways were first introduced? No one really knew what to call these amazing super funky new gadgets, so the names swegway, hoverboard, self balancing scooter, electric self balancing scooter started being used.   Anyway, to the point of this blog post, here at HoverGlide we like to glide in style and have recently […]