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Guaranteed Christmas Delivery

There is still time to purchase your loved one the hoverboard swegway they want, oh oh oh and did we mention we also have hoverkarts and electric scooters? The last date we can guarantee delivery by Christmas is Monday, 18th December. After that date, there is a very high chance it will arrive by Christmas […]

Can I still get my hoverboard, swegway delivered in time for Christmas 2017?

The countdown to Christmas is well underway, we are 14 sleeps away from it! Exciting times!! But you may have realised that you still haven’t bought your son/daughter a swegway yet! Well, fear not as it is still not too late to grab yourself an awesome Christmas deal on our hoverboards, electric scooters and hoverkarts. […] HoverGlide

At HoverGlide, we pride ourselves in providing nothing but the best. Our hoverboards, swegways, hoverkarts, and electric scooters have been meticulously designed to be durable, reliable and pretty nippy. Enough of blowing our own trumpets though. We have recently partnered with to offer an impartial, independently reviewed service of all of our products and […]

Why electrical scooters are a great option for the younger generation

Electric Scooter Taurus 900 Black

While electric scooters have been around for a while, they really are the next big thing. The younger generation are becoming more creative in the way they manage to get around, and the electric scooter is ideal for the preteen and teen years.   Practical advantages The electric scooter brings with it many advantages. There […]

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2017

Hoverboard Swegway Black Friday Sale Banner

Our Black Friday Deals are now live! Shop now! Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer Deals – Hoverboard & Swegways It’s nearly here. The event everyone has been looking forward to the whole year! Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Are you excited? We really really are! The monumental event that promises savings for shoppers every single […]

Looking for a hoverboard shop in the UK? The cheapest swegways are here.

We specialise in quality, affordable swegways. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of refurbished or second-hand hoverboard swegways. You would have heard about these incredible products made famous during Christmas 2015, since their launch we continued innovating and upgrading our products launching several new models since then. Quality, affordability and user […]