Why electrical scooters are a great option for the younger generation

Electric Scooter Taurus 900 Black

While electric scooters have been around for a while, they really are the next big thing. The younger generation are becoming more creative in the way they manage to get around, and the electric scooter is ideal for the preteen and teen years.


Practical advantages

The electric scooter brings with it many advantages. There are no licencing requirements, primarily because of its speed limitations. With no fuel costs, they simply need proper battery charging and maintenance to keep going. Breakdowns are not a problem. Even if something goes wrong, they are easy enough to repair – simply send it to us!

What’s more some even fold up making portability even easier. Scooters on the whole are very durable with, well built frames and pneumatic tyres which not only make the ride more comfortable but mean that there is less to go wrong. As long as the deck, handlebars and brakes are maintained, the scooter will operate for years to come.


Safety and diversity

Although they appear to be a simple piece of kit and they certainly are to operate, they’re built to be safe and eco-friendly. Hand operated accelerators and rear foot brakes makes them as easy to ride as the non-powered scooters. This means they are accessible from a young age.

Because of the diversity of age groups that use scooters they are well designed to accommodate most people. Adults do not have to stoop to reach the handlebars and children can set the handlebars equally comfortably. Some scooters even come with a detachable seating option.

Electric scooters have been developed specifically for smooth easy terrain such as that found in cities and urban areas, meaning that electric scooters can be navigated down smooth pavements, underpasses. With no emissions because it is electrically driven and more, so a quiet chain driven engine, scooters meet exceptionally high eco-friendly standards. This is a positive message that parents can send their children about caring for the planet.


Straightforward design

Simple design means that electric scooters are easy to assemble and by following the instructions carefully even a newcomer to scooters can assemble one in under ten minutes. Their size and shape also mean it’s easy to find somewhere to park them whether you’re going to be gone ten minutes or an hour.

Children between ten and twelve years of age can go out on their own on these new vogue means of transport, obviously depending on the nature of the neighbourhood. They do however offer a new means of independence which ultimately will give parents that break they’ve been waiting for.


Great for all ages

Adults and children alike consider riding a scooter a whole lot of fun. This combines the need to get somewhere with a sense of enjoyment. As long as the riders are careful and take safety precautions, there is no reason why the scooter cannot become the preferred mode of transport for short distance trips.

Scooters are fantastic timesavers. For all the time it takes to drive around and look for parking, especially in big cities and large suburban areas, scooters make an ideal alternative. Accessibility is a key advantage to the scooter owner as they can get into malls, through subways and along small lanes and paths not only reducing the time it takes to get to their destination but also in dealing with the complications of arrival. A quick recharge and you’re on your way again!


Training children to ride

Younger kids can be trained to use a scooter without the battery when utilising lighter models. Developing the skills surrounding balance and navigation in a straight line can all be learned before the power is turned on. These skills will last a lifetime and are transferable when then youngsters move on to electric bikes or even stronger powered vehicles as they grow older.


Cost indicators

Cost is probably the key factor. When considering the purchase of a scooter remember that the investment will last. A Scooter bough for £200 and that lasts three years (and they can last much longer, properly looked after) will pay for itself in a short time when considering short distance bus or train journeys. This is especially true during the holidays when the children are out and about every day.

It is also worthwhile to remember that in a world that is drowning in technology, the electric scooter will get the kids outside. They will be inclined to be more active, enjoy more exercise and socialise a lot more. On its own that is an excellent reason to consider and electric scooter for the younger generation.

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