Buy a hoverboard swegway and pay monthly

Buy a hoverboard swegway and pay monthly HoverGlide

Christmas is upon us, and with it comes a long list of presents. We know how stressful and expensive these long desired Christmas gifts can be, so we have teamed up with DivideBuy to offer you interest-free finance on all orders over £205.

With DivideBuy you have the option to pay instalments over the course of 12 months, all 100% interest-free. Applications are as quick as 60 seconds and 96% of applicants are accepted. You literally only pay the amount of the hoverboard, swegway, electric scooter or hoverkart but instead of paying it all in one go, you pay it in small monthly instalments. 0% APR.

What’s the catch? Well there isn’t one. Don’t believe us? Have a full read of the full details of DivideBuy here.

Treat your loved ones this Christmas with the gift they want. Or better still give them the upgraded version!! There is only a £1.62/per month difference between the whooping 10″ Everest and the 8″ Xtreme.

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