Christmas Buying Guide 2017

Xmas List – The Ultimate Guide for 2017


Are you looking for the ultimate gift for your loved one this Christmas? We may just be able to help. Here at HoverGlide, we are the most trusted online hoverboard and swegway stockist in the UK.

We ensure that the only swegway hoverboards we supply are genuine swegways and are manufactured using the safest technological advances without making any compromises on their good looks. But just like picking your favourite child we know it’s an impossible feat to chose a swegway model so to help you to make the decision, we have put together a guide to buying a Swegway & Hoverboard this Christmas.


1) Always buy from a reputable supplier (easy, right?)

Getting caught up in the festive spirit means that sometimes you may be tempted to make a rash decision when it comes to buying a Swegway. Particularly if that goes along with a bit of a bargain (we’ve all been there!…that pound shop item that breaks after 3 uses). Rather than falling for the trap of unrealistically low prices, make sure that you buy from a reputable supplier. Yeah, it will be more expensive but what’s the point in buying something that is going to break by the end of January? Our hoverboards will take all the pounding you can give them, made from durable components we are so sure of our products that we cover them with a 12 months warranty.

2) Buy early

Once you have decided to purchase a hoverboard or swegway (or it was forced upon you by the mighty appearance on Santa’s list), there really is no time to waste. Christmas is fast approaching, and we sense the stress levels rising. Our hoverboards sell out very early and we really encourage you to buy before they are out-of-stock. As there is nothing worse than out-of-stock stresses!

3) Know who you are buying for

Okay, so this one may sound simple… you’re buying it for yourself (we won’t tell), partner and/or child. You know exactly who you’re buying it for, but are you sure the segway board you picked is the correct one? Is it actually fit for purpose? How old are they? How often will they use it? What is their favourite colour? Do they hate pink? Clearly some of those questions are very easily answered (yes we love pink too), however others may require some help that’s why we are here to help. Unsure if the 6.5″ Pioneer is more suitable than the 8″ Xtreme? Drop us an email! As experts in all things hoverboard and swegway, we can advise on the best product.

4) Don’t forget the accessories

When you choose a swegway it is important that you also remember the accessories and safety items that are going to protect the person using it. Not only are these important things to buy, but they also can be used as stocking fillers or a bit of a teaser of their gift. The youngsters love these too. There are a variety of accessories that you can choose from too – helmets, shin pads, HoverKarts, protection silicon covers for your board… and the list goes on and on. Which is great, particularly if you are not sure what you are going to need.


So if you want to make sure that you are buying from a genuine swegway stockist with an awesome support team, look no further. Not only do we offer cheap hoverboards online, but when you buy from us you can always be sure you are receiving the utmost best quality.

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