Hoverboard accessories

What is a hoverboard?

The hoverboard craze began in 2015 and predictably become a part of our everyday life. Some items pass through as a fad, and others establish themselves in our everyday life. The hoverboard has done the latter. Both as an item of convenience and one of some status their popularity amongst children and teens continues to blossom and it’s not difficult to see why. It does require a degree of fitness and agility to use because balance is the core skill required. There are however an array of accessories to help those younsters along that are still developing their balance, yet want to enjoy one of the most helpful devices that have been recently introduced.

Perhaps the greatest thing about hoverboards, is that you can participate with the whole family. No waiting until they are eighteen for a licence!

With two wheels are controlled with a combination of your feet and your bodily balance, a hoverboard offers an alternative to transport that bicycles and other modes of quickly getting about don’t. For a start they are easier to navigate, easy to maintain and offer a novelty experience that is hard to find elsewhere. They also require only a little practice to master.

As soon as you’ve acquired your new hoverboard you will want to know what you can get to make it yours. Personalisation and improvement applies to hoverboards in the same way a cycling or motoring enthusiast would apply considerations for their particular vehicle.

Balance handles

The very first accessory that most newcomers consider when acquiring a hoverboard is a balance handle. It does make sense. It is important however to make sure that the balance handle you choose is appropriate for your board. Balance handles are usually designed for specific size boards and some can only be used with certain brands, as the designs are integrated.

Most handles are telescopic, so height can be adjusted and they clip on to the board. The really handy thing about them is that they are flexible and allow for movement, provided balance support without restricting the movements that the user can make.

Some retailers call them training handles and they mostly available for 6.5” and 10” boards. Handles for 8” boards are difficult to source, so if you’re a beginner think about this before you make a purchase.


Everyone wants to look cool on their hoverboard. Thing is one person’s definition of cool may be very different to another person’s idea of what it should look like. That is quite irrelevant because there are skins available to suit all tastes. Regardless of your circle of influence and social circle, you will be able to find skins that suit your style. Perhaps you would like more than one skin. You can dress your hoverboard differently on different days to suit the whim of the moment so you need not be shy in having a different skin for a different day.

Skins don’t just make the hoverboard look cool. They also provide protection, helping you to retain resale value and reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance. Skins can be bought both on line and in retail stores, although the better deals are almost always found in cyberspace. Skins make a great gift idea for someone who already owns a hoverboard.


You would be forgiven for thinking that a hoverkart is an item but the kit to turn a hoverboard into a hoverkart is an accessory in its own right. An attachment accessory to the hoverboard, it enables the user to control the board using two levers, one on each side. Who said girls can’t have fun with a cart? It’s never too late to have a happy childhood and try out a hoverboard conversion. Hoverkarts are meant for girls and boys alike because they are available in varying shades of pink depending on where you go to get yours.

Carry bags

Who has a hoverboard and not a matching carry bag? In the UK there are plenty of places that hoverboards are not allowed. This will mean that there will be times that you will need to dismount and carry the board. If this is going to be for more than a few metres, then the only way will be to use a carry bag.

By shopping around a bit you will find that you will be able to find the bag you want, in the colour you want and in the finish that most tickles your desires. There are even hard case carriers for hoverboards. It is prudent however to remember that the hard case carriers can be a bit bulky to carry around with you.

Safety equipment

Helmets and knee pads should be at the top of the list, though usually they are left as an afterthought. While you may not think that the speed that you are travelling at is relevant to the kind of protection we recommend, there are a few things to consider.

Although speed is always relevant, the angle at which you fall could relate more to serious injury than the speed. You can always find matching helmet and kneepads with the skins and/or the carry bag that you have. Every youngsters dream. Don’t skimp on safety. Your family will thank you for it.

Chargers and spares

The hoverboard is essentially an electrical item and it will therefore suffer some wear and tear. It may need a new charger or internal parts. These should be available through the dealer you purchased yours from. The manufacturers website will almost certainly have the details of the closest dealer to you, should you move home or your local dealer closes their business.

Your hoverboard is a modern investment in getting around with ease, in an unobtrusive fashion that is fun and affordable. What’s more it’s not an age gender directed activity like other modes of getting about have been in the past. So, it’s really great for mums and the kids. Go on, have a go – you know you want to.


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