New Range of Hoverboard Swegways


Have you noticed that we have introduced more cool products to our already ginormous range of hoverboard swegways?

Recently, we launched the Pioneer Chrome swegway hoverboards. These pack the familiar design of the 6.5″ inch wheels seen in our Pioneer Classic but come in revolutionary shades. Available in five different colours – pink, blue, green, red and silver -. All chrome. We know you are going to love them.

If you are confused about the differences between the Pioneer, Xtreme and Everest range, head over to our buying guide page.

Oh and in case a special someone has asked for a hoverboard swegway from Father Christmas. These hoverboard swegways come with Christmas delivery guarantee – we make sure our elves always deliver.

As always, if you have any questions about the products or anything else hoverboard swegway related drop us a line at or message us on Facebook.

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