HoverKart, Hover Cart, HoverGoKart or is it Hover seat?

HoverKart, Hover Cart, HoverGoKart or is it Hover seat? HoverGlide

Remember when swegways were first introduced? No one really knew what to call these amazing super funky new gadgets, so the names swegway, hoverboard, self balancing scooter, electric self balancing scooter started being used.


Anyway, to the point of this blog post, here at HoverGlide we like to glide in style and have recently introduced the latest accessory for HoverGlide swegways (hoverboards, etc) – the HoverGoKart. But as it is such a recent gadget which we think will truly transform your hovergliding experience, many names have been used to describe it. We have come across it being called hoverkart, hover kart, hovergokart, hover cart and even hover seat. We are sticking with HoverGoKart.


It doesn’t really matter what you call it, what matters is that you need one. And if you are wondering if these really are that cool, check out the video below from Roman Atwood Vlogs (around 10 minutes 10 seconds).


Do you have any questions about the HoverGoKart? Comment below or email us directly at sales@hoverglide.uk


Get yours now here! Exclusive to HoverGlide

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