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Yotpo Reviews HoverGlide

Here at HoverGlide we have been busy not only providing you with the lowest prices on the best built HoverGlide Swegways but also at improving the usability of our website. You can now find more articles on how to use your HoverGlide/ Swegway/ Hoverboard/ Self balancing scooter (or whatever else you may call these ingenious marvels of technology) and a clever review system.


Through our partnership with Yotpo, you can now continue reviewing all of the products you purchase at HoverGlide. This initiative is an ongoing program to expand our company ethos. We have always believed that our HoverGlides speak for themselves and our customers are our best salesmen.


So, are you considering purchasing a HoverGlide? Concerned about the quality of the products? Feel free to read the reviews and ask any questions you might have.

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