Trading Standards on Swegways and Hoverboards in UK

Trading Standards in the UK have recently issued a set of guidelines, due to cheap and dangerous imports making their way into the UK from China. These are very helpful, and you will be glad to know we already fulfilled all of these before they were even issued. Back to the future? HoverGlide away.

Here is the checklist:

1. Always buy from reputable sources and stores. Find out information about the company including an address.

That’s us. HoverGlide is a registered trademark. Our registered offices are in Sotterley Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 4SE. However, our warehouse is in beautiful Haymarket, Edinburgh. Click on Contact Us to find out all of the details on how to get in touch. Don’t be shy, we love chatting.

HoverGlide is a property of Trade-Market(UK) Ltd – check it out at Intellectual Property Office -. Trade-Market(UK) Ltd is a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales under the number 9825827.

2. The plug must be a three pin UK plug.

Three pin, kitemark license no. 39096 model EL-210A, and BS1363/A (British Standards). We have it all, a lot of testing has gone into our products. From the cut off switches we use to stop the batteries from overcharging to the charger packs we use, even down to the wires which match the kitemark license. We don’t just love to glide in style, we also like to glide safely.

3. The plug must have a fuse.

Our plugs are fully rated to 13Amps. What does this mean? This means the battery receives exactly the power it needs without overheating. Clever, hey?

4. Don’t charge the device overnight or if you are going out.

We agree. But then again, we wouldn’t have our TV/Laptop on if we were going out or overnight.

5. Does the item have a CE mark?

Yes. CE and FC. Both of are stamped on the charger.



Not included by the Trading Standards but we feel is important.

6. Does the item come with a genuine Samsung Battery?

Absolutely. All HoverGlides are tested before they leave our warehouse, and we mean all as in ALL. No spot checks, no random selection. All. This is why we politely ask you to remain patient when we claim our delivery time is 3-4 working days or 5-6. We just want to make sure every swegway is top notch!

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